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MARCH 06, 2012;

Diane says:

OMG. I am really sorry for the delay of things. Balancing everything in my world is not as easy as I thought. I'd like to let you know however, that there has been a little improvement; little as it is, it is STILL an improvement. ;)

Now, you may browse our clothing and accessories collection separately. However, the links to earrings, necklaces and other stuff are unfinished yet. I'd give you a heads up though. :)


JANUARY 17, 2012;

Diane Says:

"For a person with limited knowledge on HTML coding and website building, literally LIMITED; this task is a MISSION!"

LOL. Thanks for the patience though. Thanks a bunch! <3

Love, Parapluie

JANUARY 14, 2012;

"No electro, no metro, a little retro, ahh, perfecto!"

Today was Love, Parapluie's first ever showcase at SGLP Warehouse. The event was entitled SGLP Presents: For The Sake of Glam, Fashion, and Music hosted by Mr. Vinz Esporlas along with the gals of Glam Society; Gretchen Cruz, Gen Acuna, Aj Villafranca, and Love Parapluie's Diane T.

The main headliners of the night consisted of:

Ladies & Gents

1) Reunited - peaches and herb

2) Dyer maker - led zeppelin

3) Its in ur hands

4) No excuses- faith no more

5) Hello i love you - the doors


G & the Johns

1) Paint it Black- Rolling Stones

2) 99 Red Balloons- Blondie

3)Call Me- Blondie

4)Saturday Night- Misfits

Focus Attak

Tiny Hand